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Arts Education Grade 3 Big Idea: 

“Creative experiences involve an interplay between exploration, inquiry, and purposeful choice.”

To welcome in the Autumn Season our class went on a little walk to collect colourful leaves.  Then, the students placed them on a blank sheet of paper and began to play with the placement of them to see what images came to mind.  Here are their masterpieces.  Enjoy!!

There is a sun in the sky and a person looking at the flowers.  He likes to be outside on a sunny day.  I like being out on sunny days and riding my bike.  Even though he looks sad, he is happy.  He just has a moustache.  But, he is old and bald.  – TAYLOR

It is a crab.  When I first saw the leaf it tore a little so I tore off a little more and saw it could be a crab.  They are fun to catch when they are little and they try to pinch you.  It’s okay though because they are so small it doesn’t hurt.  We catch them at our cousins’ in Vancouver.   – AARON
I made a clown fish in the sea.  The little red leaves are bubbles and the big red leaf is his tail.  I would like to own a jellyfish but not the stinging kind.  I like that they are see through.  I saw them at the Vancouver Aquarium.  I’d like a big one with a giant tank in my room.  -EVAN

I made a beautiful butterfly with a sun and grass.  I made it because it would be good to have butterflies.  I like colourful ones and Monarchs.  I caught three butterflies on my glass deck.  I rescued one that kept bumping into the glass.  You have to be gentle so you don’t damage their wings.  – NOELLE

My picture is the sun, a butterfly and a flower.  The red leaves made me think of a flower.  I like Monarch butterflies the best because of the colours of their wings.  – OLIVIA

My picture is a frog on a lily pad with a bunch of tadpoles.  I saw frogs and tadpoles at a pond.  Sometimes I use my water bottle and sometimes I try to catch them with my hands.  -LIV

I made a dinosaur that is really dangerous.  He is missing one leg.  He has spikes on his back, head, and tail.  he has sharp teeth.  I love Veloso Raptors.  – LOGAN

It is a drone and there are no controls but it has 4 paddles.  I am asking for a drone for Christmas.  I think they are cool.  I was trying to make an alien first but the leaves just wanted to be a drone.  -AIDEN

It’s about a tree in a pot and it has designs like a picture frame.  The red leaves are apples.  There are lots of leaves falling from apple trees in the fall.  I don’t really like apples though because they make my throat feel weird.  -OWEN

My picture is a chicken in the forest.  I saw Mrs. Draper put a yellow magnet on the board and it looked like a chicken.  I liked it so I wanted to see if I could make one too.  I think they are cute when they are little.  My Uncle Marty has some on his farm. – AUSTIN

I decided to make a person.  It’s not his whole face – just the eyes and the mouth. It is a smiley face! – QUINCY

In my picture there are three “monstery” blobs sitting on top of each other looking at the view of the lake.  They are on a tree but you can’t see the branches.  The bumps looked like hands.  I have a really nice view of the lake especially from the pool so I think they would like the view too. – BRYNN

My picture is a girl with a beautiful dress in a forest.  She is picking flowers.  There is a sun and two clouds in the sky.  There is a star at the top of the big tree.  I was thinking about how I like to pick flowers.  – BROOKLYNNI made a dinosaur.  It’s a T-REX.   I just think dinosaurs are cool so I wanted to make one.  T-Rex’s are my favourite.


I decided to create a butterfly because I like them.  I like that they can fly.  I would like to fly.  I would go to visit my grandma.  I think they are very pretty.  -KRISTIINA

My picture is just an island with a palm tree with a sunset.  It reminds me of the sunsets in Mexico.  Watching sunsets makes me feel peaceful and zoned out.  The red is the reflection of the sun in the water. – CASH

I made a caterpillar, a sun, and a flower.  When I saw the colours of the leaves it reminded me of every caterpillar and flower I see.  I think caterpillars are super cute.  Every time I go outside, my mom is working on planting flowers.         -ALLIA


I made a fox in the forest.  There are clouds and a sun in the sky.  The fox is walking along to find some food.  I think foxes are easy to make.  I have never seen one and I live in the forest so hopefully I will see one someday. -LONDON

I made a T-REX.  I think they are cool.  I saw a documentary that told me they can feel vibrations, can see many miles away, and are very smart in how they plan their hunting.  I saw one at the museum once. – EVAN O.