Building Dreams

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January:  A fresh start; the first month of a brand new year; a new beginning; a time to reflect on the past; a time to set goals for the future; a time to dream.

This past month in Grade 3 has been a time to build dreams. 

It has also been a time to begin our Fairy Tale Unit which invites students to imagine and create.  During this unit there are several opportunities to think about life as a fairy tale character and about the magic included in these enchanting stories.

Reading about characters like Cinderella, whose dreams come true with a little bit of help from her fairy godmother, are inspirational.  A young girl who is being treated unfairly ends up becoming a princess!

Believing in our wishes, however, does not always result in our desired outcome.  The message in Cinderella that I want the students to hear is that in spite of Cinderella’s life being difficult, she remained kind-hearted, positive and diligent.  She made the most of her undesirable situation and in the end it was who she was that made her dream come true – not the magic!

It takes courage to show up and try!  I applaud our students for their courage and faithfulness in showing up each day with a positive attitude, a willingness to try their best, with an open heart, a mind ready to learn, and … a sharp pencil, a book, a problem solving strategy or an idea!  More often than not, dreams are fulfilled with a lot of hard work!

Thus, the greatest part of our dream building was to set goals for the new year.  We used the verse Luke 2:52 as our guide, as it is the last verse that we read about Jesus until he is an adult.

“And Jesus grew in wisdom, and in stature,

and in favour with God and men.”

We thought  about the four areas mentioned in this verse and how they relate:

 What do I want to learn this year?

What do I need to do to be healthy?

How can I get to know God better?

How can I improve my relationships?

It was a thoughtful inquiry and each student set personal goals regarding these questions.  Now, we will keep track of how we are doing on these goals, knowing that dreams take time to develop, and we will celebrate each step forward toward reaching our dreams.