Building Kindness

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February has been a month filled with opportunities to build kindness:  Month of Love pledges; Pre-school Book Drive; Valentines; and the kindness tree, to name a few.  We have also had many opportunities to build kindness during each day as we learn and play together. 

As a way to extend our creative thinking our provocation was “Show KINDNESS”.  The students had a large variety of objects to use to create a representation of the above.  This is what they created, with an explanation of what kindness means to them.

Kindness is me and my dad playing video games. -Aiden

Kindness is kids playing “Helicopter” and including everyone.          -Aaron

Kindness is sharing Christmas presents with my family.  -Teah

Kindness is giving presents because giving is better than getting.    -Logan

Kindness is taking someone for a ride in my Lamborghini.  -Ashton

Kindness is a happy smiley face.  -Quincy

Kindness is helping my mom cook dinner.  -Allia

Kindness is giving a gift to someone. -Olivia

Kindness is giving food to hungry people.  -Kristiina

Kindness is holding the door open for someone who can’t reach or needs help.  -Owen

Kindness is playing with a friend when they feel left out.  -Austin

Kindness is doing what you are told to without complaining.      (Like walking my dog.)  -Evan W.

Kindness is being friendly.  -Brooklynn

Kindness is building a house for someone who can’t afford it.          -Evan O.

Kindness is sharing with your best friend.  -Cash

Kindness is helping people out.  -Taylor

Kindness is giving food to the poor.  -Noelle

Kindness is being a good friend.  -London

Kindness is being nice to all living things. -Liv

Kindness is sharing with my friend.  -Brynn

It has been especially wonderful to learn about God’s great kindness to us through our study on the Parables of Jesus.  We learned that God loves us so much that He, just like the father of the prodigal son, runs out to meet us!  He searches for us like the “good shepherd” looks for the lost sheep and He does not stop until we are found and safe with Him.